The place for my research will be in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden where I grew up. I left my village 25 years ago. I remember the stories, muyths and beliefs I grow up with, about big rocks and mountains, about people who lived and worked in the forests and the women who sang there special songs in the mountain to gathered there animals on the forest farm. 

It´s about contrast between now and then, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, nationalism and homevillagism, melancholic nostalgia and realistic mindfulness 

I will visualise nature, beliefs, myths and sayings. Reclaim, recreate, reproduce and challenge the stories I have been told and the stories that now are told.



Skärmavbild 2018-01-14 kl. 16.55.21.png

The stories I have heard as a child, about trolls, elves and small beings. I will try to capture that feelings or maybe even I could capture a troll, who knows. I lived in a small cottage in Dalarna for a while to be, just to be...close to them. After some days the time did not exist anymore, the days and nights and the time in between. At first I was restless but when the time came for me to leave I wanted to stay.