Latvia, Vidzeme

Hanuka Lohrengel


Far off from young movements of sustainable thinking there are shepherds and weavers in Vidzeme, bonding the old ways of handicrafting, relying on animals, weather conditions and family rituals to get by. Not far, a couple of young people start building a permaculture community to practice alternative ways of living in a damaged world. 

Having bond a responsible relationship with your surrounding can take many shapes.

But all have one in common: 

They discarded the spoon-fed assumption of an ever-growing linear time, but re-turned to the ancient understanding of circulation. Nature grows in pattern and archetypal figures. It leaves spots and dies, just to spread more routes than ever and grow anew. Accepting this pulsing death-life-death rhythm, not just out there, but also in us, is an essential lesson for living and dying well in these times. 

Collecting my impressions on the journey I am going to create pieces that reflect those people's understanding of cause and effect in the ever repeating patterns of our seasons. 

Narratives and series of illustrations will portray the inner worlds of taking pride in caring about your surroundings, whereas the installation of a kinetic sculpture and masks will engage in physically touching the ways of circular time.