Jonny Rottman & Sofie Husum Johannesen

Twilight of the Gods.


An audio-visual voyage into the North's vast, gloomy and mysterious landscapes.


The artists have created a 15 min. piece set in an endless loop. An ongoing endless journey of a mysterious protagonist travelling between dimensions. Set in Iceland's most otherworldly locations, the journey takes us through gletschers, volcanic landscapes, cavernous mountain sides, through waterfalls, snowstorms, ice-caves and vast open fields of moss, ice & eerie foggy air. 



On the Northern Routes in Iceland. 

Twilight of The Gods can be regarded as a sensory dreamscape of the filmmakers' experiences with the people, nature, mythologies, creatures and ancient energies of the North. We invite the viewer to take time to meditate on the piece, the sounds, the images, your thoughts and emotional responses as we follow our protagonist's mysterious journey through the various stages of his transformation in and with the true nature of the north.