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A union of Northern artists on a searching journey to rediscover the human connection with nature

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The Mission


We are a growing union of artists seeking to explore the memories and values of a Northern identity. Our aim is to explore how the relation between people and nature is practised, seen and valued on the Northern fringes of contemporary Europe today.  

The need for a more sustainable living is obvious. But instead of focussing on where the problem lies, we create a guidance that is rooted in the forgotten techniques, ancient visions and methods that forms the columns of Northern culture. The re-discovery of the wisdom that came from centuries of practice, failure and success that we today acknowledge as "mere" traditions or myths can be the signpost for taking more responsible steps in this modern time. 

Throughout the year of 2018 our 6 travelling artists will go on synchronous excursions, to collect, record and produce material for a series of greater conjoined interactive exhibitions in the adjacent countries of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark & Iceland. Thus demonstrating and putting the knowledge they have collected into practice. 


15.06.2018 | Vilnius Culture Night, abandoned church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation (Mergelės Marijos Ramintojos bažnyčia) 


29.09.2018 | Burning Art Festival, Art Factory Malakta


27.09.2018 - 07.10.2018 | Baltic Eye Exhibition, Espiga, Porto


05.10.2018 - 12.10.2018 | Free Riga’s Tallinn Street Quarter (Tallinas ielas kvartāls)


The Team


2 illustrators, 2 photographers & 2 video artists

will take the Northern Routes to return with collective exhibitions in selected adjoining countries




Find more of our works here:


Sofie Husum Johannesen / Visual Anthropologist

Ilar Gunilla Persson / Photographer

Patricia Rodas / Photographer

Jonny Rottman / Sound Designer

Eglė Plytnikaitė / Freelance Illustrator

Hanuka Lohrengel / Freelance Illustrator


The Journeys


Visual anthropologist Sofie Husum Johannesen and multiartist Jonny Rottman introduce a personal and sensory meeting with the myths of the true North. Based on field material from Iceland they will mediate the ancestral connection with nature and man's surroundings through audio-visual experiences.

Illustrator and creative director Eglė Plytnikaitė invites you to a journey through the old Baltic perception of a solar calendar. Using illustration, light, sound and smell she created three atmospheric installations that lead the viewer through an annual journey of the sun, representing its’ mythological death and rebirth and reflecting on how it affects a state of human mind.

Photoartist Patricia Rodas will focus on fire, what it has meant for human development and still means today in Finland. The fireplace can be seen as a social glue where information has been exchanged and as an early place for education and for learning new skills. The fire has also played a major role in the name of religion, symbolically as a purifying function through the crusades and witch hunts. The fire can still in uncontrolled form, have devastating consequences. What is the purpose of fire today?"

Ilar Gunilla Perssons will conduct her research and photographic works in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden where she grew up. She left the village 25 years ago and now returns to explore the stories she was told there in her childhood, the myths and beliefs she grew up with - about big rocks and mountains, about people who lived and worked in the forests and about women who sang their special songs in the mountains to gather their animals in the forest farm. 

Old shepherds rely on the relationship with their animals, swift fingers knit self-made magic into the patterns of traditional gowns, and young entrepreneurs start building a Permaculture community. The illustrator and creative Hanuka Lohrengel wants to capture the many ways of bonding with nature in modern times through series of illustrations, narratives, masks and kinetic sculptures.